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As parents, we’ve all watched in amazement at how quickly babies and young children learn about themselves and their world. We’ve observed that children develop in stages, but at different rates. We’ve also seen how our children learn….imitating us by playing house and through concrete activity such as pulling a wagon or building a house of blocks.

Our part in all this as adults is to take play seriously, to provide the setting and the opportunities for discovery and growth. We need to encourage children, so that learning becomes an adventure.

At Bobbie Noonan’s Child Care centers we take children seriously. We offer your child a daily adventure in learning through many experiences, helped by carefully selected teachers schooled in early childhood education. Here your child has access to the finest educational tools and a curriculum we continue to refine and develop.

When we opened our first center over 40 years ago, and I was a young parent myself, I dreamed of a place children would love to come to because it was so much fun. Creating such a place has meant a personal investment in my own development as an educator, in my staffs and investments in both equipment and facilities.

These investments have brought me joy with each new group of children we enroll, with each day as my staff and I see them respond and learn, and with each of our kindergarten graduations. Joyful, too, are my encounters with the many successful men and women in our community who got their starts in our schools.

The future, with its new ideas, dreams and challenges, belongs to those who enjoy learning enough to become lifelong learners. The successful learner is one who has developed the intellect, the morality to guide it and the discipline and industry to follow through. We want to help your child become a successful, lifelong learner.

Please accept my invitation to visit our schools and observe. You needn’t make an appointment, but be sure to come during school hours when children are present.

Roberta L. Noonan
Roberta L. Noonan Ed.D

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